• Behaviorally Assertive Individuals:

    • Statewide proven and approved Behavior treatment programs

    • Managers and staff are certified to intervene with Assertive behaviors


  • Vision impairment


  • Wound care intervention and healing.


  • Memory care at our CBRF for Dementia and Alzheimer's related services, support and safet


  • Medication management and  injections.

JC prides itself in encompassing many different aspects of individuals needs and cares.  We have a strong team of professionals who are dedicated to providing quality care. The rights of all of our clients are adhered to at all times.

  • All Apartments are Handicap Accessible with Ample Turning Radius      


  • Private Bedroom for every Client  


  • Specialize in managing Sliding Scale Diabetics      


  • Provision of Wound Care Services      


  • Abillity to Provide Total Care


  • Hourly Documented Checks      


  • 24-Hour Nursing Department      


  • Nail Care      


  • 24-Hour Certified Staff (NO Sleeping Shifts)


  • Daily On-Site Manager      


  • Cooking Assistance      


  • Quality Care Management of all Medical and Behavioral needs


  • Appropiate for Ambulatory and Non-Ambulatory Clients      


  • Sprinkler Systems      


  • Smoke and Heat Detection Systems


  • Locked Lobby      


  • Elevators      


  • Grocery Delivery Service      


  • Door-to-Door Transportation Services


  • Nursing Department, Activity Department, Appointment/Transportation/Escort Department. Training Department, Quality Assurance Department and Operations Department


  • Bi-Annual Care Plans and Meetings with Client, Case Manager and Guardian(s)


  • Monthly Report sent to each Case Manager


  • (i.e.,all appointments, medication changes, new medication goals, hospitalizations and behavioral or sleep changes)


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